Legal Matters Rap

Legal Matters Rap

January 12, 2024
Legal Matters Rap
Hey, let’s talk about the law,
work rules review to help you be in the groove.
Need a lawyer that’s the best,
Jimenez Law Office will ace the test.
When you’re selling off your house,
legal requirements make you douse.
A contract change is what you seek,
contract variation – it’s not Greek.
Want to know what’s a binding vow?
A binding agreement will show you how.
Law 2007, let’s demystify,
legal changes that amplify.
In a state, who’s the boss?
Highest law enforcement agency has the sauce.
For the Air Force folks, let’s not miss,
legal assistance for their bliss.
Adding fam biz to your resume,
family business experience in CV will give value to you.
Hong Kong’s family law is complex,
expert advice to fix.
So there you have it, the legal rap,
With all these links, you’re on the map.

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